// welcome!

my name is Jordan Baron. I am a

  • self-taught programmer
  • software engineer @ heirloom
  • aspiring to be...many things
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// my tech stack

i use a *ton* of different technologies. one day i'll write a blog post going over everything, but for now here's a basic list
on Windows:
  • WSL2 (Ubuntu)
  • VSCode (gruvbox dark medium theme)
  • PowerToys
on macOS:
  • iTerm2
  • VSCode (gruvbox dark medium theme)
  • Raycast

// my accomplishments

things i'm proud of. you might feel differently, and that's okay.
  • played a big role in developing the Heirloom Events platform
  • also played a big role in developing the Heirloom QuickLogin SDK
  • created the first Heirloom QuickLogin demo
  • went from intern -> jr. software engineer -> mid-level software engineer in less than 1 year
here's a picture of me with my cat lacy. we have the same smile :)